Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting

Carpenter Ellis provides consulting and support services to organisations in the areas of:

  • Supply chain and logistics issues analysis and strategy development
  • Market effectiveness studies
  • Customer service strategy
  • Distribution channel strategy
  • Supply chain network design.

We bring to the table many years of supply chain consulting and hands-on experience plus high level strategy development and facilitation skills, backed up by:

  • Strength in analytics,
  • Support from some of the leading exponents of Supply Chain and Operations Research from around the world,
  • Access to leading edge software for supply chain decision support.

Projects undertaken in the last 20 years by Deborah Ellis and members of the team range from:

  • Core logistics projects – such as logistics audits and setting up third party distribution contracts for businesses in Australia,  Asia and Europe.
  • Broad supply chain projects - such as a major network optimisation for an international paint manufacturer that determined their China distribution strategy (for LCP Hong Kong)
  • Innovative projects - such as that conducted for the Australian banking industry where the principles of inventory and supply chain were applied to cash management.

Deborah Ellis, Principal, Carpenter Ellis.
Deborah has 20 years experience in consulting, as well as senior operational responsibility for logistics operations in multi-national businesses.  Short CV – Deborah Ellis

Carpenter Ellis
also draws on a small group of specialist senior consultants for specific assignments. They each have outstanding academic qualifications, high level analytical skills, have worked with leading management consulting firms or multi-nationals and specialise in various areas of the supply chain.

Services Include:

Strategy Facilitation

Customer Service Strategy Design

Network and Infrastructure Strategy

Transport and Warehouse Planning

Customer/Market  Research

Market Focused Supply Chain Design

Distribution Channel Design

3rd Party Outsourcing and Contract



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